The BAPC 2022 will be held at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. All events will happen in the Auditorium building. See this map for an overview of the TU/e campus. The Auditorium is on the left in the middle of the map.


To Eindhoven

By train

The Dutch train network is quite well connected to the Belgian and German networks, but it is not very cheap to travel alone. For group travel - in off-peak hours - use a group ticket for more affordable pricing.

By bus

Flixbus provides transportation to Eindhoven from many locations all over Europe. The bus stop is right next to the university campus and train station.

By car/parking

As is the case with many university campuses, parking is relatively expensive on campus; luckily a service road next to campus allows free parking. The name of the service road is “Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat”, use your favourite maps provider to figure how to get there.

Other means of transportation

My man! An adventure! Kudos to you! You can find us here.

In Eindhoven

On foot

Eindhoven is not a big city. You can easily walk to campus from anywhere within the city center. From the more secluded parts of the city, about an hour of walking is required to reach campus.

By bus

Eindhoven has an extensive public transport system in the form of a bus network. The network is laid out as a star pattern, with the central train station acting as the hub, which is located right next to the university campus. Most of the stops are serviced once every 15 minutes during the day and once every 30 minutes during the evening, and travel is very affordable. The only thing to be aware of, is that cash is no longer accepted. However, most credit- and debitcards are accepted. The Dutch public transport card also works of course.

By bike

Some hotels offer a bike rental service, which can be used to get around quickly and to more easily explore the city. Most of the streets have cycle paths and are separated from cars. Just note that many Dutch cyclists view traffic rules as “optional”.


Eindhoven does have many hotels, many of which are located close to the airport, so make sure you check the address before booking; the airport is not within walking distance of the campus.

Wining and dining

In the city center many restaurants can be found. Mainly around “De Markt” and the “Catherinaplein”. Bars can be found at “Stratumseind”, which is the longest pub-street in the Netherlands, so there is a little something for everyone.

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